Drake Set To Visit Nigeria & Ghana In March This Year

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Canadian rapper, Drake has revealed plans to visit Nigeria which is a part of his 6-day tour in Africa.

It appears Cardi B, Future and Megan The Stallion are still telling tales of what a beautiful place Africa is. Barely a few days after Lil Wayne said he would love to visit Nigeria, Drake has decided to join the bandwagon of rappers to down on African soil.

The Grammy award-winning rapper is scheduled to visit, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa and would be spending a total of  6 days. In South Africa, he will be visiting three cities, In Nigeria, he will be visiting two cities and in Ghana, he will be visiting one city.

See the schedule for the performances below:

South Africa (Johannesburg) on March 18, 2020

South Africa (Durban) on March 20, 2020

South Africa (Cape Town) on March 22, 2020

Ghana (Accra) on March 27, 2020

Nigeria (Lagos) on March 29, 2020

Nigeria (Abuja) March 30, 2020

  1. Vincent -

    Good plans, at least fans like me dat love him will be so glad.

  2. Cith Yee -

    I will be waiting for you Drake

  3. Smart Boy -

    We are waiting for you

  4. Alexis McRain -

    In Ghana we are waiting for you “Champagnepapi”


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