US Female Rap Superstar, Nicki Minaj Announces Retirment From Music

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Nicki Minaj

The American music industry is currently fighting to keep one of its superstars in the music game and avoid an early full-stop to a career that is still much glowing.

Nicki Minaj has sent shivers down the spines of every music fan all over the world as she has announced that she is calling it quit with music.

Nicki took to her Twitter page just few minutes ago to reveal that she would be retiring from music in order to be able to have her own family and settle down.

She also revealed in the tweet that she hopes all her haters are happy now that she is leaving the music scene. She as well urged her fans to live through the pains she is causing but never lose themselves and continue to lover and support her even till her demise from the actual world.

She wrote; “I’ve decided to retire & have my family. I know you guys are happy now. To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, in the box- cuz ain’t nobody checkin me. Love you for LIFE.”

nicki minaj announce retirement from music

  1. azeez abass -

    I love nicki minaj so much and I love all the songs she has done but she needd to have a family, I pray to God to make you happy.

  2. David Solomon -

    I like Nicki minaj because she can rap and also she love pink color

  3. Assadiq -

    We’re not happy with this unexpected retirement minaj. I love you i wish you all the best.

  4. B'janx zambia -

    I love nicki minaj because she is different, she got her own style, unbeatable, she can sing, rap and talk, she is irreplaceable

  5. Syanda -

    I love you Nick minanj… And I like your rap style

  6. Benny -

    I love you nicki…….

  7. Best -

    I love Nicki so much I just wish, I will sing with her

  8. bunga bosco -

    I Love Nick Minaj because she has a confidence in her songs

  9. timothy -

    i love u nicki my best superstar

  10. Bequar chance Ls -

    I love you Nicki but it makes mi so sad that you are retired. I’m a huge fan since I was a kid. I loved u so much.

  11. Tinger -

    I really love your voice

  12. bangiz -

    i love nicki minaj more than my girl friend

  13. Darling Chi -

    I love Nicki minaj

  14. baby -

    oh Nicky i really luv ur music and it pains me to hear u retire from music

  15. Sesigold -

    Awww Nicki, My everyday crush. I wish you all the best in your family .
    I love you!

  16. vera -

    I love nikki so much, but since she wants to start her family, i wish her the best, but i really wish she could make a second choice in continuing her music career, much loveee

  17. Tadiwanashe -

    U are realy one in a million i would like to witness one of your live show luv u


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