21 Savage – No Debate / Big Smoke

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21 Savage - No Debate / Big Smoke

21 Savage‘s journey as an artist has been a special one to watch. Ever since dropping the first Savage Mode in 2016, 21 has come through with some truly impressive projects that have shown off his rapping ability and songwriting.

After dropping Savage Mode 2 in late 2020, 21 has mostly gone silent in 2021, however, just a couple of hours ago, he decided to finish off the year by dropping two new songs in “No Debate” & “Big Smoke.”

As you will hear, “No Debate” is more of a freestyle than anything else as we are met with a gorgeous vocal sample from producers Cardo Got Wings and Deats. Throughout this track, there is no hook, although we do get a nice elongated verse that shows off just how much 21 has grown over the years.

The flows are confident as 21 provides braggadocios yet violent lyrics that will urge fans to check the Genius annotations. Overall, this track is a valiant effort that serves as a reminder of 21’s developed skills.

When it comes to “Big Smoke,” this is the cold-blooded 21 Savage that fans are used to. From the heavy distorted base to the whispered chorus, 21 is in a murderous mindset on this song. The track will immediately take you back to a time in which “No Heart” was one of the most popular hip-hop tracks in the world. Once again, 21 outdoes himself, demonstrating just how talented he really is.

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    Wow! That was a dope one from legendary savage


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