Tope Alabi – Logan Ti Ode ft. TY Bello & George

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Tope Alabi – Logan Ti Ode ft. TY Bello & George


This is just a seed awakening everyone to the power and beauty of our diverse expressions of worship .. Tope Alabi carries a mantle and great depths in using Yoruba language in song was an incredible experience making music with her .. every sentence out of her mouth made us feel like .. this!! is why God crafted this language.

LOGAN TI O DE (THE MOMENT HE STEPS IN), reminds me of Genesis, God SAID , Let there be light:AND THERE WAS light.. That’s exactly what happens when we release God’s word over a situation, our lives and our nation .. .. He steps in. .. Instantly !!

And everything aligns with His purpose. When Tope Alabi sings Logan Ti Ode, La Ye Mi Le To, it means- the moment God shows up, my life becomes meaningful or Settled.. transformed .. set in order .. rearranged.. programmed. one word .. many layers of meaning . In the song, she brings hope and empathy.

This song brings tears to my eyes because it is my personal story and clearly it is sister Tope’s too. It is a song of hope, an anthem for anyone who is desperate for an intervention. It brings true relief to know that God is willing and able to bring one your way. The moment he steps in, everything changes, even your name.

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