M.I Promises To Attack Vector On A Rap Battle, After Vector Dissed Him On His Cypher

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MI Abaga has just confirmed that he has been hiding from Vector all these while in regard to a beef track.

M.I said this in response to a Twitter user who accused him of always hiding from Vector anytime the “Lafiaji” artiste threw shots at him.

Incase you haven’t listen to the Diss Track, You can Download it HERE

The user also asked MI not to be a hypocrite this time around after Vector dropped yet another diss track for the Chairman in which he threw shots at his fans too.

The user, however, wants him to come out as a warrior and not a coward to defend himself and his fans from Vector’s attack.

On seeing this Twitter post, MI immediately responded, agreeing to the fact that he never wanted a face-off with Vector.

He, however, promised not to shy away from the battle this time around as he would be going all out to make Vector feel his wrath.

M.I Abaga to battle Vector

Who Do You Think Is Going To Kill Who If They Battle?

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