Lupe Fiasco – Teach A Man To Fish

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Lupe Fiasco - Teach A Man To Fish


Following the back-to-back release of “Repo Pe and SBA Lu,” which found Lupe Fiasco engaging in a sparring session with himself, he has once again returned with another new drop.

Teach A Man To Fish” is the latest in a string of Lupe tracks, with this one in particularly capturing a refreshingly nostalgic mixtape spirit. From the minute he begins rapping, it’s clear the schemes he’s setting up are ahead of the pack.

“Same teeth since I was two, I don’t like the beef so let’s meet behind the moon, my skill level accrue,” he raps. “I think I used to stink like the street behind the zoo / then it all started to sink like a leak inside a cruise.”

Cleverness is something that not all rappers possess, and Lupe is easily top of his class. Look no further than the aforementioned lines. Baby teeth would struggle chewing meat, hence his dislike for beef — and check the double entendre segue of meet and meat. And that’s only one of many bars on “Teach A Man To Fish.”

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