Logic – Tired In Malibu

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Logic - Tired In Malibu

If you have a minute to spare, Logic has the song for you. In a surprise move, the retired rapper resurfaced with a new single—sort of—that he dropped off over on his channel titled “Tired in Malibu.”

The track finds Logic spitting some straightforward rhymes for about a minute before he signs off. Fans didn’t think they would receive new tunes from Logic considering he announced that his 2020 release No Pressure would be his final album.

Since that time, he’s popped up as a feature on Juicy J’s “1995” and continues to connect with his fellow artists, so Logic isn’t fading into the background completely as he works on his label, BobbyBoy Records.

The artwork for “Tired in Malibu” shows Logic lounging with his son and enjoying those daddy duties that a Rap career wouldn’t afford a famous father on the road.

Listen and Enjoy Below;


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