Lil Wayne – Quasimodo

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Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne song called “Quasimodo” has been floating about. DatPiff posted the song under suspicious circumstances, but it appears to be a real thing, complete with mix and mastering & all the final touches that go into post-production.

Lil Wayne did spend a fair amount of time dabbling in “rock music,” with the divisive Rebirth culminating as the fruits of his labors, many felt that Weezy was better suited sticking to hip-hop.

Still, it cannot be argued that the man has music in his soul; perhaps his aura is so strong that even American Music Award judges tuned in on a subconscious level.

Take a Listen Below;

DOWLOAD Lil Wayne – Quasimodo

  1. Egbosiuba chinonso -

    The rapper raps without breathing

  2. Healy -

    I fucking love this song


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