Lil Dicky – We Good Ft. GaTa

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Lil Dicky - We Good Ft. GaTa

Lil Dicky‘s FXX comedy series Dave, which wrapped up its second season in August, has captivated an audience of hip-hop lovers and comedy enthusiasts. As he perfectly blends drama and hilarity, Dicky’s season 2 finale closed off an epic journey for the main character Dave, inspired by Dicky, and his hype man GaTa, who is Dicky’s hype man in real life.

The episode ends with the duo performing their collaborative song “We Good” together in an emotional reunion. While the song works best in the confines and context of the show, fans loved it so much that Dicky decided to reward their passion by dropping it on streaming platforms on Christmas Eve, even though he is Jewish.

In the finale, we only get to hear GaTa and Dicky’s back-and-forth opening verse, the first rendition of the hook and half of the second verse. But, on the official version, they include the end of the second verse, which sandwiches an additional rendition of the chorus along with a third verse.

As the song goes on, the Dicky and GaTa establish more chemistry, and comedic tones from the show start to show more and more. Fans will surely appreciate this Christmas gift from Lil Dicky, as it brings back the rush of tearful joy that the last scene of Dave did.

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