Nicki Minaj – Majesty Ft Eminem & Labrinth

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Nicki Minaj, Anuel Aa - Familia ft. Bantu

The wait is over: Nicki has drawn a river Queen from her deck of illusions. Like Drake before her, any album she drops will alienate a segment of her audience. Gone is the transitive “Pink” theme we’ve grown accustomed to.

Enter Nicki, expert of the Antiquities, in the 4th term of her totalitarian regime. Nicki Minaj Reunites With “Boyfriend” Eminem For “Majesty” On Queen, the reigning monarch is her playful self.

She teases innuendo and causal links to borderline relationships. In regards to Eminem, they tussle for a bit on “Majesty,” but barely long enough for a crowd to come sailing. Nicki even realizes a childhood dream by invoking Foxy Brown on the final measures.

Take A Listen Below;

DOWNLOAD Nicki Minaj – Majesty Ft Eminem & Labrinth

  1. ibrahim ikigeni -

    thanks for giving us ability to download songs easily.

  2. meek -

    wow I love this song
    ride on nicki

  3. Joseph -

    Eminem if you’re dead I’m promising yor I won’t listen to any as$h0le song’s anymore can’t stop listening to some sh-t you’ve always drop I really love you so much yor ma best artiste.

    1. Skymico -

      Eminem is the only musician on this planet and slimshady will never die young.


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