Crafting the perfect casual dating soundtrack: hip hop edition

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casual dating soundtrack

Hip hop might convey a distinctly ‘street’ attitude, emanating as this musical and cultural style did from New York’s inner-city ghettoes in the late 1970s. But this emphatic and highly danceable genre of music has exploded in popularity over the decades, creating iconic figures capable of shifting millions of records across the globe.

What’s more, hip hop has long broken away from its moorings as a gritty form of expression, full of anger and attitude, and now encompasses a range of emotions, including love and romance. Hip hop would make the perfect soundtrack for any casual dating scenario, from a first date where you’re hoping to make a strong impression, to anniversaries celebrating brief encounters that developed into longstanding emotional connections.

Importance of music in casual dating experiences 

Music is one of the most crucial elements for setting the correct romantic backdrop for socializing. A tap of a switch on your device can activate soothing or pulsating sounds, depending on the mood you’re trying to achieve. Hip hop is especially recommended because the tone can vary so much. Some performers sing about important political and social issues, especially in terms of the way people have been impacted by prejudice. Other singers are more soulful and celebrate love; sometimes gently, other times with red-hot passion! 

Intersection of hookup dating and the hip hop culture

Why should these two areas overlap? That’s a bit of a no-brainer. When it comes to sparking conversations in the early stages of courtship, few other forms of music can do such wonders for breaking the ice. If you’ve ever asked friends for advice along the lines of, ‘Where can I arrange a hookup near me?’ they may well have steered you towards one of the many dating outlets specializing in instant connections. You can pop into the chat rooms here and mingle with other singles who might be keen on hip hop. You’ll already have so much to talk about as you develop chemistry. Whatever artists are your favorites, you can introduce these into your general chat. Everyone has unique tastes, so this will also be a valuable way of gaining insight into the other person’s personality, allowing you to develop a clear picture of them before you arrange a liaison.

Hip hop tracks that capture the essence of hookups

To explain exactly how hip hop can frame your casual dating soundtrack, it might be worthwhile teeing up some classics of the genre.

LL Cool J – Hey Lover

This is the perfect example, with New York rapper, LL Cool J versing over a chilled beat, the plaintive backing vocals and acoustic guitar accompaniment carrying the sentiment. As with many hip hop delights, the lyrics veer between subtlety, and letting the subject know exactly what the protagonist would love to do when they’re alone together!

Biz Markie – Just a Friend

Another rapper from the Big Apple, Biz Markie passed away aged 57 but leaves behind a legacy of fine tunes. The video for this catchy song captures the hip hop casual dating scene perfectly – Biz and his posse are just hanging around, bantering with each other, when two attractive girls stroll by. This is the cue for Biz to tell his buddies the story of how he and a girlfriend got together.

Run DMC – That’s Just the way it is

These hip hop legends were ranked number 48 in Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 Greatest Artists of all time, and this encapsulates the band at their fieriest!

Navigating casual relationships within the music scene

One thing you’ll need to bear in mind is that the hip hop scene can be as much about fun and partying as serious partnerships. This is why it would be important to establish ground rules when you’re getting to know someone for casual dating. To avoid disappointment, you should both appreciate where you stand from the outset. Is your relationship going to be based on no-strings hookups at hip hop clubs near you, or do either of you have qualms about taking this to the next level?

If you’d be open to progressing to something longer-term and meaningful, then this needs to be out in the open.Where soundtracks for an epic date night are concerned, the best aspect of creating these lists is flexibility. Beyond the classics guaranteed to remain permanent fixtures in your array of choices, your favorite tracks are likely to ebb and flow with your mood. One moment Beyonce might feature heavily in your listening pleasures. At other times, you might go for the more urban sounds of The Beastie Boys; perhaps a slice of old-school rapping like Run DMC. You can keep updating your casual dating playlist on an ongoing basis, ensuring subsequent date nights are always enhanced by fresh and invigorating vibes.

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