Buju Banton – Ganja Man

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Buju Banton - Ganja Man

Reggae music has long championed the legalization of cannabis. Though we’re seeing some progress these days, we aren’t entirely there. But regardless of the status of it’s legality, many stoners across the world are celebrating 4/20 together.

To commemorate the holiday, Buju Banton came through with his latest record, “Ganja Man.” It’s a smoked out anthem with an old school reggae feel to it with Buju Banton leading the smoke session.

Buju Banton was officially released from prison in late 2018 and has since been pumping out music. The legendary Jamaican artist recently came through with the single, “Trust.” To elevate it even further, he tapped Tory Lanez for the remix.

Listen Up and Enjoy!


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