Blackbear – 1 Sided Love

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Blackbear return with a new single Entitle “1 Sided Love” which is Produced by Twice as NiceJurekJoe Kirkl and and The songwriter turned rapper has dropped off a slew of new singles over the past few months to gear up for its release.

While Blackbear‘s most recent work has teetered closer towards rap-sing wave, “1 Sided Love” has Blackbear going full pop with this. The production on the track has a very EDM-like influence and blackbear croons all over it.

The song is one of the first solo singles we’ve received from Blackbeat since Cybersex last November. It’s a poppy single that strays away from some of the trap sounds that dominated his album. 

blackbear announced the song’s release date on 27 last December 2018 as the first single from his fifth studio album, ANONYMOUS. After taking extra time to polish the track, blackbear appeased fans by providing a original music.

Take a Listen Below;

DOWNLOAD Blackbear – 1 Sided Love

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