Alicia Keys – Three Hour Drive ft. SiR

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Alicia Keys - Three Hour Drive ft. SiR

Alicia Keys teams up with SiR to perform a rendition of “Three Hour Drive” off her new album, “Alicia” for “A Colors Show.” If you’re looking for a live performance from an artist that delivers on both the visual and audio aspect– all the while injecting the song in question with a fresh twist or take– then you need to dive into A COLORS SHOW’s YouTube channel.

They have a goldmine of R&B and rap performances from the underground cult-favorites to mainstream stars like Alicia Keys. Each performance is done with some sort of unique colourful background and the artist alone, perhaps with a single instrument or mic.

Alicia Keys’ own performance comes on the heels of the her brand new album, ALICIA, which is an exciting new instalment in the singer-songwriter’s lengthy career. The album finds Alicia comfortably trying out new trends as though she’s been doing them along, before moving on to the next record and putting on yet another new sound.

Yet, everything moves smoothly, transitioning from the upbeat and high-energy opener “Truth About Love” all the way to the very Jill Scott track, which is not only titled “Jill Scott” but features, yep, Jill Scott. Despite being considered an OG in the R&B space at this point, Alicia comes across as new and refreshed through out the project.

The Sampha-featured “Three Hour Drive” is another album stand-out (check out our R&B SEASON playlist here for all our favorite ALICIA cuts), and the song that A COLORS SHOW has decided to highlight. They’ve recruited SiR of TDE fame to stand in Sampha’s place, perhaps due to various COVID-19 restrictions.


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