Soundcity Refused To Play My Video Because They Think I Do Drugs – Majek Fashek

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Majek Fashek

Last week, the internet was shakes with news that popular cable TV, SoundCity, refused to play two of reggae music legend, Majek Fashek’s music videos, claiming they were of low quality.

But according to the acclaimed ‘Rain Maker’ who feels highly disrespected, cheated and unappreciated, the station’s reason for refusing to play his music videos is biased.

When Showtime reached out to Majek on the matter, he claimed that Tajudeen Adepetu, CEO of SoundCity refused to play his music video because he thinks he’s a drug addict.

“When I returned from shooting my music videos in the United States, I took it upon myself to pay Tajudeen Adepetu, the CEO of SoundCity TV a courtesy visit because I felt it was the right thing to do and I’m not someone who cares about being seen as a legend or not.

I gave him the videos of two of my songs, off my ‘Weep not child’ album, hoping that they would be played on the station. Two weeks later, I discovered that the videos were not played, so my manager, Uzoma Day Omenka, called him to find out what happened.

Surprisingly, he said the videos were of low quality. I was shocked. I knew he was lying because I shot those videos with Red camera’s (cameras that produce high definition, quality videos).

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    Majek fashek you’re a legend no matter what


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