Snoop Dogg – Roaches In My Ashtray Ft. ProHoeZak

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Snoop Dogg - Roaches In My Ashtray Ft. ProHoeZak

Snoop Dogg has nothing left to prove, but that hasn’t stopped him from building on the foundation he’s been building for the past thirty years. Now, Snoop is gearing up to release his eighteenth studio album From Tha Streets To Tha Suites, and today comes the release of The Doggfather’s new single “Roaches In My Ashtray.”

Off the bat, this latest track arrives with a heavy dose of funk, the likes of which have become with synonymous west coast production. In other words, it’s Snoop Dogg in his natural habitat. Opting to slide over the bouncy bass and synthesizers, Snoop pulls back and lets the vibe take over.

“Bodyguard hard, could’ve swore I left a blunt in my ashtray,” he raps, his flow laid back. “Little homie slid up on me, pulled a fast play, but this the last play.” When it comes to sheer charisma, few can rival the one and only Snoop Dogg — even if you haven’t been keeping up with his recent musical output, rest assured that he’s still doing what he does best.

Listen and Enjoy Below;


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