Roddy Ricch – Heartless (Live From LA)

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Roddy Ricch - Heartless (Live From LA)

Compton-born rapper Roddy Ricch is one of the most exciting young artists in the music business right now, showing all kinds of potential following the release of his top-selling debut album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial.

The artist’s breakout year concluded with a stunning performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards, putting on a show near the end of the event and singing two of his songs, as well as his feature on DaBaby’s “ROCKSTAR”.

In addition to his chart-topping single “The Box”, Roddy blessed fans with a preview of some new music, starting off with a performance of his new song “Heartless“.

The live rendition of the song has been added to all streaming platforms to hold fans over until the official release. As of now, the song is expected to appear on Roddy’s upcoming sophomore studio album.

He speaks about his rise, emotionally stating that he came from apartments to get to the mansions he’s currently staying in, explaining why he keeps a gun on him.

Listen and Enjoy Below;


  1. Jahswill -

    I like to be like Roddy rich

    1. Húsh Bïlls -

      I like to be like Roddy Ricch

  2. Austine -

    Roddy is so good

  3. WCKD -

    roddy 4 life..!

  4. Roddy Ricch -

    I love his music than any song.


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