Quavo – Keep My Vibe Ft. Offset

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Quavo - Keep My Vibe Ft. Offset


With Super Bowl LIV officially upon us and the Migos booked up and performing gigs in celebration of the final football game of the season, Quavo quietly released a new one-off single entitled “Keep My Vibe” featuring his Migos associate, Offset.

Supposedly the song was originally a demo entitled “Alien,” recorded to use on one of Kanye West’s musical ventures and mistakenly found its way onto the internet late last year.

Now, a more polished rendering of the same song has turned into this gathering of pleasant sonic vibrations now known as “Keep My Vibe.”

Instrumental wise, “Keep My Vibe” remains in the same distinctive style that has allowed the Migos to become the world-renowned hip-hop collective they are today.

A dizzying high-frequency flute sample accompanied by intense bass note synths and drawn out 808 melodies provide the “Tony” rapper with the perfect backdrop to get in his bag utilizing his quick flow, delivering his rhymes drenched in creative metaphors and similes.

Offset follows Quavo’s performance delivering a sixteen of his own worthy of praise as well on the bass-heavy beat. With the Migos teasing the release of Culture 3, we could expect more one-off tracks coming from the trio to hit the streets in the near future.

Listen Up and Enjoy!

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  1. Eddie -

    Real n-ggaz shit, love it

  2. Bright -

    wow nice music, I really love it..

  3. Samy -

    Dwag it’s on fire

  4. Nicholus wins -

    Great music, it rocks!


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