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Only The Generals Part II

Last night, Kevin Gates surprised fans with the release of Only The Generals Part II, serving as a follow-up to last year’s Only the Generals Gon Understand. For his second installment, Gates ups the ante with the inclusion of 12 tracks as opposed to last year’s 6.

With that, we get to hear Gates run the gamut from ferocious and hard-hitting to more reflective and emotional; which basically sums up the dichotomy that is Kevin Gates.

On the album’s opener, we’re treated to the former Gates. Immediately we’re spun into the beat from Pancho, which features a loop of orchestral-like strings, for what could be described as an orchestral trap beat.

Gates’ own affirmation of “yes lawd, yes,” becomes the repetitive yet slightly glitchy refrain for the record. The record as a whole is almost like a victory lap for Gates, where he runs through everything from his past drug-dealing to his present, which includes his children playing with alpacas and copping expensive shirts from Saks.

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