K-pop Supergroup Girls on Top at the SM Entertainments Concert

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SM Entertainment’s annual SMTOWN LIVE event, which features special performances and reveals from the South Korean management company’s roster of artists, is always a must-see for K-pop fans during the holidays. Still, this year’s edition surprised fans even more than hitting the jackpot playing casino games, with the announcement of a new supergroup dubbed Girls on Top. During SMTOWN LIVE 2022, the group launched their first single, “Step Back,” with a performance video with nearly 10 million views on YouTube.

With the seven musicians alternating between singing, rapping, and a cheerleader chant-style chorus, the bass-heavy track mixes elements of dubstep, hip-hop, and electro house. Yoo Young Jin of SM and American producer Dem Jointz, who recently worked with Kanye on his Donda album, wrote and produced the song. The new act follows SM’s all-male supergroup “SuperM,” which debuted in 2019. Since then, SuperM has released a debut EP and one full-length album. The new band is the label’s sixth project group, following in the footsteps of SM The Ballad, which was created in 2010.

TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and EXO were among the group members. Girls On Top is a group of exceptional K-Pop singers. BoA, the group’s senior member, was previously a solo performer and is recognized as the “queen of K-Pop.” Taeyeon and Hyoyeon were members of the Girls Generation group, which disbanded in 2017. Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi were scouted, and Aespa’s Winter and Karina were brought in.

Even though the band has recently gone public, they are already using social media to interact with their fans. Behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive photoshoots of each member can be found on the girls’ joint Instagram account. They’ve also established a “Step Back” dance challenge and uploaded tutorial videos for fans to follow.

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Let us take a brief look at these ladies who are taking the K-pop world by storm.

BoA – BoA may have debuted before Karina and Winter of Girls on Top, but this idol illustrates that age is just a number. BoA has released multiple albums in Korean, Japanese, and English. She is one of South Korea’s strongest soloists and is considered one of the first generation of K-Pop idols. Her singing technique and skill were her trademarks, and she set the standard for other icons that followed her.

Seulgi – Seulgi from Red Velvet has joined the group. She’s been a force to be reckoned with as Red Velvet’s lead dancer and vocalist since the group’s debut in 2014. Some of their chart-topping tunes, such as Red Flavor, Dumb Dumb, and their most recent album, Queendom, may be familiar to you.

Taeyeon – Girls’ Generation, often known as SNSD, was an eight-member female group regarded as one of the best of the early K-pop boom. Taeyeon was the leader and primary vocalist of the group, and she was well-known for her natural belting and star power.

Hyoyeon – Hyoyeon, another member of Girls’ Generation, was SNSD’s principal dancer and rapper. You may recognize the group’s viral choreography from songs like Gee, I Got a Boy, and Genie, in which Hyoyeon is frequently featured. Hyoyeon has been involved in the music industry since her girl group days, even debuting as ‘DJ Hyo’ in 2018.

Wendy – Wendy’s excellent musical aptitude has earned her a legion of fans as Red Velvet’s main vocalist. Wendy can play the piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone in addition to her exceptional voice range and steadiness.

Winter – Winter is a testament to intrinsic star power, having turned 21 on January 1, 2022. Winter, Aespa’s lead dancer and vocalist, completes the Girls on Top line-up with her distinct style.

Karina – If you’re a die-hard K-pop fan, you’ve probably been listening to Aespa’s music since they debuted in late 2020. While the group is young, they make up for their lack of experience with ferocity and talent. Karina, Aespa’s leader, is one of the four breakout stars. Many Aespa fans are excited to see how the younger members keep up with veterans like BoA or Seulgi now that they’ve joined Girls on Top.

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