Falz featured in Huffington Post

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Nigerian artiste Falz was recently featured in a very candid interview on international news platform Huffington Post. Interviewed by ex law school classmate Daniel Emejulu, Falz tells the story of his transition from lawyer to superstar.

He also talks about his team and the secrets behind his success in music, movies and comedy. Falz also reveals why he prefers to perform on the mainlands of Lagos rather than the island and the fake relationships that exists in the music industry.

Read excerpts from the interview below…

On his favourite crowd…

“generally, I think I prefer performing on the mainland. The people there don’t hold back. They are ready to turn-up. They are so excited to see you and they show that excitement.

On the Island, people are more bourgeois, you know? Trying to form, holdback, show how much money they have. They like you–they love you–but they are just like: “Unh, yeah”, he says with a Biggie Smalls voice, crossed arms, a swaying upper body and a smug expression to match. (Laughs). It’s love from a distance.”

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