Eminem – Discombobulated Feat. Dr. Dre

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Music To Be Murdered By: Side B


It’s funny how things end up playing out. In the wake of Relapse, many fans were quick to criticize the abundance of “accents.” Now, hearing Slim tease a return to that notorious cadence is met with nothing short of nostalgic glee.

If that’s not a testament to Relapse’s status as a cult classic, consider that Music To Be Murdered By: Side B closer “Discombobulated” is already being hailed as a fan-favorite.

It’s easy to see the appeal, with Dr. Dre lacing a ghoulish banger driven by theatrical pianos — and that’s only the first act, with each verse bringing hallucinogenic new instrumental elements into the mix.

Listen Up and Enjoy!


1 Comment
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