DMX – Slippin’

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DMX - Slippin'

There’s only one rapper that was able to make a cameo in a Sum 41 music video, star alongside Jet Li on the big screen, and freestyle alongside Jay-Z, all while creating some of the most important music of an era.

DMX‘s career transcended Yonkers and even hip-hop but it was his honesty, along with his gruff voice, that continues to resonate with fans in the wake of his passing.

Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood is an exploration of the many dimensions of X’s character and artistry, from the eerie conversations with the devil on “The Omen” ft. Marilyn Manson showcasing his brilliant writing to lyrically blacking out alongside Jay-Z and The LOX over Swizz production.

On “Slippin‘,” X provided us with an autobiography of his life of the hardships he faced throughout his life. More importantly, it captured his resilience, strength, and faith. Through that, X has inspired and provided comfort to millions through his words, music, and life story.

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