Bhad Bhabie – Do It Like Me

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Bhad Bhabie - Do It Like Me


Bhad Bhabie Return to the music scene after going on a break working on her self, she released her new single “Do It Like Me” as a come back. She spent some time in rehab and has been speaking out regarding important topics, including the murder of Breonna Taylor, and now, she’s finally back with some new music.

She’s the girl that everyone loves to hate. Ever since her appearance on Dr. Phil years ago, Bhad Bhabie has been the butt of many internet jokes, but she’s powered past all the hate, continuing to put on for her dedicated fanbase. Not everybody is going to love the 17-year-old’s new single but you shouldn’t write it off right away.

The beat on this is pretty hype, borrowing production tips from some of the classic rump-shaking anthems of our time. She has clearly showcased growth as an artist and, whether you like her or not, she’s here to stay.

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