What Are Greatest Rap Songs About Video Games

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Gamers can go to any extent to celebrate the video games that they love. There is a connection between rap and video games. Below is a list of most popular songs about bingo and other video games.

  1. Human Video Game

When young Will Smith endured the disgrace of requiring second charging to a DJ and made hilarious tunes about accidentally getting underage ladies, he figured out how to pen the best at any point rhymed recognition for Donkey Kong. Conceding an all out dependence on the game, he barely cares about “placing 25 dollars in” looking for a high score. It is an action that before long sees the rapper near destitute, until he’s saved by an unexpected twist.

  1. Megaran 10

If the name was not an obvious hint, Random is a gigantic Mega Man fan. It has a huge load of extraordinary tunes to browse, however this one specifically stands apart in light of the fact that, through its verses, it clarifies how significant the Blue Bomber is to him. The introduction and melody to Mega Man Forever is solid and brazen like it’s commending an incredible Greek hero. Random starts by discussing the mind of Mega Man today and afterward carries us into his youth to balance his set of experiences with the character.


  1. Super Brooklyn

Rapping over the crazier than you think Super Mario Bros subject, the specialists once known as Smif-N-Wessun reconsider the upbeat Mushroom Kingdom as 90s Brooklyn where the Franklin Avenue Posse would be bound to ransack you for your kicks than demand you save a hapless princess. The melody additionally includes words you’ll never hear Mario say. The track was never a hit!

  1. Tomb Raider reboot

The greatest selling point of the game was that it was Lara Croft’s story. We were at last ready to see her change from a rich young lady into the Indiana Jones of computer games. That transformation is the reason for KadeshFlow’s melody, which is one of the best solo songs. It is about Lara Croft meeting people’s high expectations when a hero is required and her tirelessness to push forward regardless.

tomb raider

  1. Proto Culture

Around when he probably made some cash by singing one of the characters in Gorillaz project, Ice Cube’s rapping cousin set up an affectionately definite accolade for computer games. Over a beat based around the character Morrigan’s signature melody, he plays X-Men versus Road Fighter, utilizes maps imprinted in the primary issue, and imports Xenogears and Psychic Force

6. Give me my gun

Beefy understands how to make some great memories. Here and there we get so tired of the boisterous tirades of a twelve year-old in our online matches that we neglect games should be entertaining. The song helps us to remember that. It’s not simply rivalry; it’s a party!

  1. Mac Man

The rap game, rappers like telling us is very much like the drug game. Yet, some have revealed to us exactly how much the drug game itself is fundamentally demonstrated on Pac-Man. Come Beanie Sigel, a one-time marking to Jay-Z’s name. Looking at the jobs of Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde to that of the police, he likewise gives Mario and Luigi co-featuring parts as “two assassins” pressing “straight cannons.” Thankfully, Foxy Brown never flipped a Ms. Pac-Man remix.


  1. Guardia With Love

Richie Branson delivered From Guardia With Love, his accolade for Chrono Trigger, one of the best RPGs to beauty the class. Of the multitude of different tracks on the collection, Bring Back Chrono is the one that encapsulates its message the most. What makes this adoration letter of a collection far and away superior is the way that Richie gave the entirety of the returns to the Children’s Miracle Network through the Extra Life good cause. Games and the individuals who play them frequently get awful exposure, so it’s incredible to see one of us perceived for having a beneficial outcome.

  1. Tilt

Opening with the announcement “I’m an arcade funk machine,” this mid ’80s electro track is the sound of first-wave computer games assuming control over the world. There’s an impact of Ms. Pac-Man, a rearranging electro beat with go-go suggestions, and a repulsively terrifying voice requesting, “Tilt me!” It’s a little leniency Diplo — who fused the Gameboy variant of Predator into his “Diplo Rhythm” track — didn’t convince M.I.A. to talk over it back in their more amiable days. And afterward blend a Klymaxx melody into it.

  1. Put Your Quarter Up

In case you’re going to include one underground-rap tune about computer games, it should be one where the rappers appear to have solid geek roots. Over creation from Chicago’s Molemen unit, Slug and Aesop Rock kick things off in an appropriately game-referential way. Yet, it’s Doom who nerds out best, gloating that he’ll “bring your high score down,” weaving in references to Robotron, Defender.

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