[Throwback] Rihanna – B*tch Better Have My Money (BBHMM)

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Rihanna - Better Have My Money

33 years ago, a queen was born. Today marks Rihanna‘s 33rd birthday so happy birthday and many blessings to her on this day. Unfortunately, there’s been little music from her end as she continues to tease the release of R9 but we still have to bring it back to a classic Rih anthem to honor her special day.

Most people’s heads turned the second they heard, “B*tch Better Have My Money” for the first time. It wasn’t necessarily her first time embarking in the world of hip-hop, or trap, for that matter.

But its grandiose sound, which was aided by production and writing credits from Travis Scott, Kanye, and WondaGurl, Rihanna channeled the energy of a mob boss with an appetite for both destruction and wealth.

Even though this wasn’t the first time Rihanna has embarked on the trap sound, this was certainly her most ambitious attempt and she succeeded in its execution. Happy Birthday, Rihanna!

Listen and Enjoy Below;


  1. Drew -

    I really love it, thanks

  2. Ahmad light -

    I love this song very so much

  3. stephen terande -

    I’m in love with this song for real

  4. Kelvin -

    I love this song


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