Quando Rondo – End Of Story

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Quando Rondo

It was only a matter of time before Quando Rondo moved to address his crew’s involvement in the shooting of King Von, and this evening he’s come forward to do exactly that.

End Of Story” marks his most in-depth reflection so far, with Quando using the opportunity to speak on everything that has since played out following that fateful night.

For the most part, Quando opts to remain defiant, maintaining that he and his crew were acting in self-defense — in fact, he even goes to pledge his support for Von’s alleged shooter, as he did during last night’s Verzuz.

It’s likely that “End Of Story” will spark much discussion, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see heated fallout from King Von’s camp and fans alike. Keep an eye out for more developments following “End Of Story” as they occur.


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