Lil Wayne Allegedly Found With Cocaine and Gun In His Private Jet

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lil wayne and jet

United States law enforcement agents have allegedly found illicit drugs and firearm in a private jet, with American rapper Lil Wayne on board.

Quoting the law enforcement agents, the Miami Herald reports that Wayne flew into Miami on Monday aboard a private jet that was stopped by federal agents who later found drugs and a firearm on the aircraft.

Charges could be filed against the musician in federal court, the Herald says.

It states, “Miami-Dade Police had received a tip about weapons and marijuana possibly being transported on Wayne’s plane, and then alerted federal authorities so they could obtain a search warrant to inspect the aircraft at Miami-Opa locka Executive Airport.

“During the search, investigators found cocaine and a gun.”

The Monday evening operation included investigators with the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Miami-Dade police officers and other agencies, the medium added.

“Miami defense attorney Howard Srebnick said his client, Lil Wayne, was “cleared” to leave the scene Monday evening by federal investigators,” it said.

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