Kevin Gates & Renni Rucci – Boat To Virginia

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Kevin Gates & Renni Rucci - Boat To Virginia


Kevin Gates and Renni Rucci have formed solid chemistry on wax. It’s been shown on records like “At” and the “Hands On Your Knees” in the past but today, they’ve returned with another new collaboration with “Boat To Virginia.”

Taking on a softer approach in comparison to their previous collabs, Kevin and Renni details love, romance, and the streets over dulcet guitar strings. She said they initially met through playing the same concert line-ups before Gates took notice of her talents.

“He reached out to me, maybe a year ago, and was like, he wanted to put a female on it and he asked me to get on it,” she said of “Hands On Your Knees.” “I was still going through my learning phases of my sound and just forming songs.

Sh**, I was intimidated, still! This Kevin Gates! If you get on a song with somebody like him, you got to bring it. Luckily, he was so supportive and he’s always been very supportive of my career just trying to help me succeed, he held the record for me.”

Listen and Enjoy Below;


Kevin Gates also released the official music video for ‘Boat to Virginia’ featuring South Carolina-bred rapper Renni Rucci. The two rappers enjoy each other’s company by cuddling on a speedboat, saying each other’s lines, and more.

Watch the intimate video below directed by Chris Hernandez.

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