Jack Harlow – Face Of My City Ft. Lil Baby

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Jack Harlow - Face Of My City Ft. Lil Baby


Jack Harlow has been looking to elevate his stature, a process that has been happening organically throughout 2020. Now, the young rapper’s big moment in the spotlight has arrived, with the release of his debut album That’s What They All Say marking his transition from boy to man.

And given how much momentum he’s gained through singles like “What’s Poppin” and “Tyler Herro,” Harlow has had no issue expanding his social circle, as evidenced by the blistering duet with Lil Baby “Face Of My City.”

Fueled by a seething synth instrumental from CuBeatz and Sonny Digital, who work atmospheric wonders with a simple arrangement, Harlow sets it off with a few key flexes. As has been his way, he manages to conjure up several different ways to exude dominance, making it clear that doing so doesn’t exhaust him in the slightest.

In fact, Harlow barely bats an eyelash as he raps, delivering his bars with the weary, borderline unimpressed manner of the prematurely jaded. Lil Baby brings a little more intensity to his closing verse, his chemistry with Harlow solid as he fires off warning shots.

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