Four Reasons Why Hip-Hop Is The Best Music Genre Ever

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The hip bounce is now broken down in the circulation systems of a considerable lot of us. “We don’t drain blood, we drain HIP HOP!” is the thing that I say when somebody says something against the hip jump. This thing is truly making profound roots in our body and we DO need these roots to dwell in our body.

There are numerous explanations for this reality that HIP HOP is turning into the CRUSH of numerous hearts. We are going to share 4 motivation behind why the hip jump is the best music sort of the history and its fans are consistently expanding step by step. Along these lines, here are those 4 reasons recorded beneath.

1.The Lyrics:

The lyrics are the main cause of the popularity of the hip hop songs because only 3 minutes of the song, covers multiple meanings of a single word which is, sometimes, becomes very interesting and weird as well. The flow of lyrics with multiple meanings makes a perfect combo due to which hip hop is getting fame every day.

2.The Fashion:

Almost every new fashion is brought to you by the hip hop singers. Today’s rappers try brand new clothing fashion which, as a result, is adopted by the fans. So, people get new updates regarding the fashion industry as well by sticking to the world of hip hop.

3.The Slang:

The use of slang words was commonly introduced by the hip hop. Rappers use slang words in the lyrics which make their song highly appealing. Now, always make sure that you understand when your grandma says “fo’ shizzle”.

4.The Dances:

Hip hop songs and dance are two interlinked termed in terms of meanings. No one can imagine a hip hop song without a dance because the real dance starts with this industry. No other song type has such a fast, quick, and fantastic dance steps than the hip hop songs.

I was thinking to add the fifth point that the hip hop is also famous because of “Kanye West”. No one can feel the taste of the hip-hop songs without this living legend. These were some of the most chief reasons due to which hip hop is considered to be the best music of the current genre.

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