Desiigner – Mafia Water

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Desiigner - Mafia Water

Desiigner has been going through a difficult patch. Overall, this stems from the fact that he was allegedly caught pleasuring himself on a plane. He was subsequently charged for this, and he has since sought mental health services.

Shortly after his arrest, he came out and said that he would continue to drop new music. This included a track called “Timmy Turner Pt. 2.” No one ever really thought a part two to that track would ever be released.

However, Desiigner decided to surprise his fans anyway. Either way, it certainly worked in his favor as many enjoyed the effort. Subsequently, he has dropped yet another song, this time called “Mafia Water.”

Ultimately, this is another solid song from the rapper. Overall, the single is filled with some nice production, that has a menacing quality to it. Moreover, Desiigner does a great job of sliding on this track as he provides listeners with solid flows and vocal inflections.

Listen and Enjoy Below;


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