Best Top 4 Songs Of Kanye West’s Career

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Plainly Kanye West has made an extraordinary showing with regards to for the rapping and hip hop industry in his whole vocation. As we have as of now examined a great deal of things about this legend in light of the fact that if his acclaim and fame in the general population nowadays, so today we are up with something more unique and intriguing.

In the wake of doing a considerable measure of research, we have accumulated main 4 hip hop songs of Kanye West. In this way, here they are:

4- Gold Digger – Feat, Jamie Foxx from Late Registration:

Probably the most common and popular song of the year when it was released in 2005. Well, frankly speaking, it was almost everywhere when I was first released just because of its nice beats with nice lyrics. The interesting thing about this song is that it’s still very popular at wedding events and other big gatherings just because people love it!

3- Stringer – Graduation:

The song actually released in 2007 but it still proudly stands at the third best song of the Kanye West. In this single, Kanye West was looking full of joy and energy. Every part of Kanye West’s body moved because I think he was also loving this song when he was recording his dance for it.

2- Runaway Feat, Pusha T – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy:

It’s included in one of the Kanye West’s soft songs. The music doesn’t get any pace or any sudden change in the whole song. The lyric starts normally and the song ends up with the nice music at the end. It was a big change at that time in 2010 because Kanye West was continuously making some fast and rushing songs.

1- Jesus Walks – The College Dropout:

A favorite of every soul, the one, and only “Jesus Walks”. This song is literally considered to be the doorstep for the Kanye West’s reputation and popularity. But throughout his career of hip hop, Kanye West always commit that he is afraid of rapping on sensitive subjects like religion. But still, this song made enough fans that Kanye West wasn’t expecting.

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