Amber Rose – Freakshow

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Amber Rose - Freakshow

Amber Rose may have gotten her start by guest appearing in music videos, but now she’s starring in her own. The 39-year-old is on her third record of the year after stepping into the studio this past summer. Her singles “Gyho” and “Gotcha” were just stepping stones for her latest release.

On October 21, Amber Rose released “Freakshow.” The three-minute song featured a fast-paced, vibrational beat that perfectly fit Amber’s dominant voice and persona.

Amber Rose paired her unapologetic character with her vulgar lyrics in this track. Standing by her beliefs of women empowerment, the reality television star rhymed intimately in hopes of generating equality within the world of intercourse.

“F*ck a deep conversation/give me deep throat/Bad b*tch/Good brain/That’s a geek h*e.”

The socialite also filmed a spooky music video for the record– which she has been heavily promoting on social media.

Listen and Enjoy Below;


Watch the official music video below;

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