Vic Mensa – Shelter Ft. Chance The Rapper & Wyclef

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Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper & Wyclef

Social activism is something that is near and dear to Vic Mensa‘s heart, as the rapper regularly gives commentary on the inequalities of America’s prison system and advocates for criminal justice reform.

Recently, Mensa shared that his SaveMoneySaveLife Foundation in his hometown of Chicago had been burglarized, and it surprised many due to the community activism and charity work implemented by the organization.

Clearly, that hasn’t stopped Vic Mensa from speaking out about issues that he deems to be important, and he’s partnered with Chance The Rapper and   to help carry his message to the masses.

On Friday (February 5), the three artists released “Shelter” where they shined a light on the inequalities, inequities, and overall issues that plague marginalized communities. They mention names like Breonna Taylor, Julius Jones, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Elijah McLain, highlighting varying cases that many believe are steeped in injustice.

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