Oxlade – o2 (Oxygen)

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Oxlade - o2 (Oxygen)


Starting the Ep is the song “O2” the chemical element for Oxygen, which is the title of the EP, you hear the EKG machine and heavy breath combined in a unique way with a tune that could easily be used as a game music.

Readily telling you the story before Oxlade even begins with his promises to his love interest “I get plans for you, I no go take you for granted, I go ride for you, Even if the road is rocky” .

With a soulfully voice Oxlade sings to his lover dragging you into his world of this music yet still sustaining your interest in his story.

Today December 11, 2020, Oxlade delivers the track visuals and this was what he shared.. ‘THE MOVIE IS FINALLY OUT S/O to the queen @sophiealakija, Love for ever… Directed by @nayaeffectz for @nayacreativestudios‘.


Watch and Enjoy ‘o2 Music Video‘ below;

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