Migos – Taco Tuesday

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Migos - Taco Tuesday

Migos are here to help you celebrate Cinco De Mayo, even in the strange times, with the release of “Taco Tuesday.” It’s another holiday this year that the trio decided to drop off some new music after delivering the Travis Scott and Young Thug-assisted track “GNF” on Valentine’s Day.

Quavo previewed a snippet of the new track on Instagram last week in a video where he and girlfriend Saweetie were in the kitchen, cooking up some tacos. The preview arrived pretty soon after the song leaked online.

“Taco Tuesday” could lead us into the “Quarantine Mixtape” that Quavo teased early last month after the COVID-19 crisis forced them to hit the pause button on Culture III.

Quavo explained to Billboard in March that the decision to hold off on dropping Culture III was largely due to their inability to properly roll out their eagerly anticipated project once social distancing rules went into effect in most states.

“Of course, the business has slowed down because we perform in front of masses of people,” he said. “Dropping music and all that, it’s at a standstill right now with us because we need to go out there and touch the people to push our albums to make our music work.”

Of course, you cannot talk about “Taco Tuesday” without mentioning LeBron James, who is sampled on the track and created a recurring theme on his Instagram during the NBA offseason last year where he would celebrate every Tuesday by exclaiming the phrase before a plate of tacos.

James later tried to trademark the phrase but his application was denied because, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, it’s a “commonplace message,” and cannot “function as a trademark.”

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    greatest of all time, i love this

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      Dope song, this is a great melody

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    Madd!! am so much in lovee
    Ah would love to hang around witt thEmm

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    I love Migos pass my girl friend


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