Lil Wayne – No Ceilings 3 (Hosted by DJ Khaled)

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lil wayne no ceiling 3

There’s been lights up in the air ever since Lil Wayne confirmed that his new mixtape No Ceilings 3 would be arriving today. And though it took a little while to land, the Martian has officially come through with another gift for the masses. For many, the occasion is particularly nostalgic.

Evocative of a lost era, when mixtapes were available for free download and featured some of an artist’s hungriest rapping. Some of you probably downloaded the first two No Ceilings right here at Olagist. And while sample clearance issues have rendered tapes like this largely obsolete in the streaming era, Lil Wayne remains a traditionalist to the core.

It’s evident in his beat selection — who else could body Jay-Z’s “Takeover” with such conviction? And even when he’s handling newer instrumentals, doing so with more finesse than some of the original rappers, Weezy’s pedigree as an elite emcee is never in doubt.

He even encourages those on wax to step up and match his stride, as seen when his former pupil Drizzy lines up for a bar-heavy duet. For anyone looking to recapture that feeling of a classic mixtape run, look no further than No Ceilings 3, as hosted by the mogul you ultimately-love-despite-your-occasional-annoyance — DJ Khaled.

Stream and Enjoy Below;

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