Lil Uzi Vert – P2

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Lil Uzi Vert – Eternal Atake

Lil Uzi Vert have exploded into cultish satisfaction as their lord and savior got here thru with the shock Eternal Atake release, one week beforehand of schedule. While the undertaking has solely been out for a few minutes now, there may be actually lots to unpack throughout the eighteen tune intergalactic endeavor.

One clear standout, however, is the penultimate “P2,” brief for Part Two — an sudden sequel to the largest music of his career, emo-rap traditional “XO Tour Life.” Off the bat, “P2” impresses in its capacity to honor its predecessor whilst nonetheless sounding like a clean take; all too frequently we have considered sequels try to skate by using off the original’s legacy, and Uzi appears to have swerved that pitfall.

Naturally, each songs are linked by means of a comparable melodic throughline as the iconic “with your head” hook makes a return. Yet the place phase one featured a slurred cadence, Uzi sounds targeted right here – his reflections on a souring relationship resonate deeper as a result.

In some ways, “P2” even feels like an enchancment on the original. Uzi is truely rapping on his one, his float taking stunning turns as he deftly navigates the brooding instrumental.

“I am no hater, yeah are the equal however the solely distinction is that you do now not very own me,” he raps, kicking matters into double time. “I can simply inform by way of the way that you using it, I pull up in that automobile simply like its stolen.” Check out “P2” proper now, and chime in with your ideas under — when you are all completed with Eternal Atake.

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