H.E.R. – Do To Me

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H.E.R. - Do To Me


H.E.R. can seriously do no wrong. No matter what type of record she tackles, whether it’s a traditional r’n’b sound, something a bit modern, something a bit pop, or in this case, something a bit reggae — she does it all excellently.

The singer has stepped up during these tumultuous times too, not only releasing music that addresses police brutality with “I’m Not OK” and the sprawling, heart-wrenching “I Can’t Breathe,” but she’s also been applauded for providing her whole team with some COVID-19 funds to get them through the quarantine.

While she’s had a couple of heavier releases, the singer is lightening things up with this reggae-inspired record, produced by her frequent collaborator Swagg R’Celious. H.E.R. sings about a new love that’s she’s all wrapped up in.

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