Fetty Wap – Speed

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Fetty Wap

When Fetty Wap burst onto the scene back in 2015, fans were immediately drawn to his music. His run was something that will forever be remembered by hip-hop fans and to this day.

Fetty Wap continues to drop dope new projects and singles that contain an alternate sound from what he started with. His latest effort is a track called “Speed” which also comes with a dope music video that truly feels like some sort of cinematic universe.

As for the song itself, we get some catchy vocal lines from Fetty who has always been known for his abilities when it comes to writing repeatable hooks. With this track, we see Fetty trying to woo a woman while explaining exactly why she needs him.

Take a Listen Below;


Watch the official video below;

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    music is life, let’s vibe

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    Cool & fantastic music


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