6ix9ine – Bori Ft. Lenier

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6ix9ine - Bori Ft. Lenier

6ix9ine has actually been teasing some new music. In various Instagram videos, it appeared as though the rapper was gaining some steam. He has some dedicated fans left, and they wanted to see which direction he would go.

In the past, he has dabbled in Latin music. With the rise of Bad Bunny and others, Latin music is certainly on everyone’s radar, especially on the global stage. Consequently, 6ix9ine has opted to go right back into that lane with his new song “Bori” and the new song features the likes of Latin singer Lenier.

Moreover, the two dropped a music video for the song. As you will immediately see, this is a massive shift for 6ix9ine. Overall, this song has a knack for the dramatic. You get some huge drums, massive choruses, and a ton of passion and emotion coming out of 6ix9ine and Lenier’s vocals.

While many fans are used to 6ix9ine screaming all over the beat, we now get a much different version of the artist. Furthermore, the music video showcases him in various Cuban communities, giving the locals money and swimming in the ravines.

Listen and Enjoy Below;


Watch the official music video below;

  1. Raphael -

    This is a very nice music to me

  2. Yacin Tz -

    That’s a good song to us the fans.

  3. jaydenc -

    6ix9ine is my favorite rapper

  4. ❤LAURA❤ -

    Love this song❤❤❤

  5. Ibraaaah Tz -

    Good song brother

  6. Jennifer gabienu -

    I love his songs

  7. Kelvin -

    I love 69 my favorite

  8. Sylvester chisom -

    I love you 69


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