Why We Must Not Give Up On Nigeria -Sowore

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omoyele sowore

Omoyele Sowore, human rights activist and pro-democracy campaigner, has warned Nigerians against seeking instant gratification from politicians at the expense of building a country that works for their future.

He made the call while speaking to Nigerians a townhall meeting organised by the Take It Back Movement in Greece.

Sowore who ran for Nigeria’s Presidency in the 2019 general elections said his experience with Nigerians both young and old during the campaign prove that the immediate need to benefit for politicians was holding the country back.

He said, “Anytime you meet Nigerians, the question they will ask you is what do you have for us? Do you have money, land or anything to promise us and even if you promise them something bigger for the future, they will still want instantaneous gratification and it is not only the youth who do it, older people do it too.

“It might get to a point where you want to get discouraged about Nigeria. This is the experience we had this last election but because of the fact that this is a country of two million people, it’s very important that we do not give up for Nigeria and for Africa.”

Sowore attributed the unwillingness of Nigerians to participate in the electoral process or encourage young people who do to internalization of Inferiority complex due to oppression.

“Do not give up regardless of what you hear from home. Part of what you hear when people say go and start from the local government is the mental conditioning of oppression, just like in the days of slavery.

Slaves were made to feel that those on the fields were inferior to house slaves but until everybody became free, they didn’t realize that slavery was slavery and there is no category.

“It’s the same with Nigerians, they have been mentally battered and conditioned over the years to be questioning even their own humanity and competence to lead anything because their leaders keep telling them they are not good enough.”

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