Oyo state House Of Assembly Passes Anti-grazing Bill Into Law

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Cow Grazing

The Oyo State House of Assembly on Thursday passed the anti-open grazing bill.

The passage of the bill came 24 hours after Fulani herdsmen from various parts of the state resolved to use
a legal option to stop the Oyo State Open Rearing and Grazing Regulation Bill 2019 .

According to the lawmakers ,the bill when it becomes law, will foster peace and promote agricultural business in the state .

The House noted that the bill was also to end loss of lives and constant clashes between herders and farmers.

The Speaker of the House , Adebo Ogundoyin , appealed to residents of the state to ignore falsehoods and
misconceptions about the bill.

“We assured the people that all suggestions and memoranda of understanding submitted by various groups, agencies and representatives of different communities and tribes on the bill was looked into before it was
passed,” the speaker said.

He maintained that the Assembly through the bill was only seeking a legal framework to address open
rearing and grazing, as well as encourage and protect the economic activities of others who were into
agricultural-related ventures .

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