Kaduna Assembly Reject Commissioner Nominee For Criticizing El-Rufai on Facebook

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It was a mild drama at the Kaduna State House of Assembly (KSHA), Thursday morning when the Speaker of the Legislature, rejected a nominee for appointment as Commissioner in the state cabinet.

The nominee, Alhaji Aliyu Jaafar’u who is a nominee of the state governor as Commissioner for Agriculture, had his name sent to the State Assembly for screening, was rejected by the the Aminu Shagali led Legislature for his open criticism of the policies of Governor Nasir el-Rufai.

Jaafar’u who appeared before the Assembly for screening on Thursday, was rejected by the lawmakers who were lead by the Speaker, Alhaji Aminu Shagali who presided over the plenary.

According to sources, Speaker Aminu Shagali said the rejection was as a result of the criticisms of Alhaji Aliyu Jaafar’u against the present government on his social media handles since 2017.

Speaker Shagali said that Jafaaru had been criticising one of the best policies of the present administration on education since 2017, particularly, the issue of disengagement of unqualified teachers in the state.

Shagali, while giving reasons for the rejection of Aliyu Jaafar’u, quoted some of the posts of the nominee; “in your Facebook account, you said there was nothing like making Kaduna State great again”.

“It is a deceptive cliché used by politicians to deceive the masses; we will make Kaduna great at the appropriate time”.

“It is a responsibility for those who are truly sincere not for those who are inherently sarcastic”.

“You also said el-Rufai must learn to tackle issues with human face”.

“You also said you are an advocate of change that goes to the root cause, not only the symptoms”.

“You also said in the same post; stop comparing me with el-Rufai who thinks he is more intelligent than intelligence itself”.

“You however, said you are a humble human being that believes that all that glitter is not gold hence, there is nothing authoritarian in insisting on the truth and never speak the truth”.

“I detest insincerity as there are better ways of genuinely solving problems”.

Chairman, Assembly Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Alhaji Tanimu Musa, while briefing journalists after plenary, said the rejection of the governor’s nominee was as a result of his criticism of the present administration.

According to Tanimu Musa, “The evil that men do live even after them. Jaafar’u has been a critic of this administration on social media”.

“He has been criticizing the government, so why did he want to work with the government you have been criticizing”, the chairman asked?

Meanwhile, others who were nominated and screened include Thomas Gyang; Commissioner-nomonee for Planning and Budget, Alhaji Hassan Mahmud; Commissioner-nominee, Governor’s Office for Riots, Damage, Rehabilitation and Resettlement and, Alhaji Atiku Musa, as nominee, Auditor General.

The House urged the auditor general to ensure that the audited account of each local government in the state was up to date.

Similarly, Speaker Shagali also announced that the Deputy Governor, Hajiya Hadiza Balarabe would serve as the acting Commissioner for Health, pending when the substantive Commissioner will be nominated and appointed

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